Kevin "Bujo" Jones


Kevin Jones is an exciting young percussionist that has graced the stages the world over. Originally from Englewood, NJ, Kevin has been playing professionally since the age of 13 when he worked for All Platinum Records (now Sugar Hill records) in his hometown of Englewood. There he cut percussion tracks for groups like the "Moments" and even toured with some of their recording artists while still in school.  At the age of 16 he joined a professional African dance & drum ensemble under the direction of master drummer and dancer, Titos Sompas. It was here that Kevin learned many of the traditional rhythms and songs from the Congo. During this period he was also under the tutelage of percussionist Babatunde Lea and Coster Massamba.

Kevin attended the University of Massachusetts where he met Professor Archie Shepp. Shepp encouraged Kevin's musical aspirations and eventually hired him as a percussionist in his band and recorded Archie Shepp live at "Palais de Glace." Kevin also recorded the same year with alto saxophone legend Charles McPherson; an album entitled "Free Bop."

Kevin then went on to record and tour with R&B legends "The Isley Brothers." This proved to be one of Kevin’s longest lasting gigs, spanning thirteen years. He also had the distinct privilege of touring with world-renowned singer, Whitney Houston.

More recently Kevin has continued to stick close to his roots of Jazz and traditional African and Neo-African music by playing with many artists such as Talib Kibwe, Winard Harper, Babatunde Lea, James Weidman and Clifford Adams. Kevin still can be found playing traditional African music with Malaki Ma Congo Drum and Dance Ensemble.

Besides performing, Kevin is fast becoming an excellent teacher and clinician. He now works for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, The Bronx Arts Ensemble, Arts Horizons, Dance Giant Steps and Harlem School of the Arts.

Kevin has recently recorded his own project, "Land of Eternal Tranquil Light," featuring drummer Marvin "Bugalu" Smith, saxophonist Talib Kibwe, pianist Kelvin Sholar and percussionist Djobi Irie Simon, a recording expressing his commitment to peace and an expression of his untiring faith.