Dean Bowman

To Whom It May Concern: My name is Don Byron. I am a professional musician. My credentials are many. Dean Bowman is an irreplaceable part of my music. Sincerely, Don Byron.

Without a doubt a prominent contributor to the NYC avant garde, jazz, and rock scenes, Mount Vernon, New York-based vocalist Dean Bowman is described alternately as a "vocal-mentalist," "tone poet," "avant-garde gospel singer," and a "jazz singer with the soul of a rocker."

In 2006 the eclectic vocal artist has recorded the music of Junior Walker with the great clarinetist Don Byron (, new music with avant-garde rock bands Neanderthal Alien (, Nexus, Intuit, and Orange (, as well as new works with Wesley Grant's Drunken Immortals. He also toured the music of Ray Charles with John Scofield ( Bowman has recorded with Lester Bowie (Brass Fantasy, When The Spirit Returns, The Odyssey of Funk and Popular Music), Jane Bunnett (Ritmo + Soul), Don Byron (Do The Boomerang, Existential Dred, Bug Music), Uri Caine (Primal Light, Goldberg Variations), David Fiuczynski (Screaming Headless Torsos, Live, and 2005), Jane Bunnett, Stanley Cowell, and Dewey Redman (Spirituals & Dedications), and Elliott Sharp (Blues For Next), among others. He was a featured voice of two characters for the Sony PlayStation game PaRappa The Rapper, and was a featured vocalist along with Yoon Choi, Kiran Aluwalia, and Haydain Neale for "QuÈbÈcitÈ," an opera composed by D.D. Jackson, with libretto by Canadian-born poet-laureate George Elliot Clarke.

John Scofield says "Dean has it all going on - the pipes, the chops and the improvisational skills to keep every tune new. What more could you want in a singer?"

An online reviewer says:

"Dean Bowman should be the most important American singer alive. Clearly, I already think he is. And 'important' being a slight distinction from 'best' (not that I would be averse to promoting this as well). I'm sure that this isn't the first time someone has listened to a performer and thought, 'if everyone just listened to this, people could, would change.' To say nothing of the powerful orators that we have cast aside, if not outright destroyed. But resilience of spirit should be celebrated and inspire action. ... Go see him. If he doesn't fill you with joy and make you want to cry at the same time, then your soul must be a sad place... . "